I was born in Nagykanizsa in 1974. I still live and work here.

was accidentally “infected” by photography. I acquired the basics on my own, from books, but later well-experienced friends helped me a lot, too.

Photography has changed my approach to the world, I have been looking at things differently since I first looked into the viewfinder. I even notice the tinier details of the world and when I see something beautiful but my camera is not on me, in my mind I still expose.

I would like to thank my wife, Kati and my two daughters, Emma and Júlia for supporting me and tolerating all the photography-related craziness I have.

In more details:

I started to deal with nature photography in the spring of 2013 and my interest soon turned towards birds when I managed to find a colony of 80 bee-eaters in June 2013. I have been going back to this spot every spring ever since.
The behaviour of birds, which reflects several human characteristics, is extremely interesting, they can even swim and sing not to mention how colourful they are.
I have learnt how to photograph nature from reference books and from my friend, Maros Sándor.
I owe everything I know about nature photography to Sándor. In the compound noun “nature photography”, nature is the more emphasized word in my view. Certainly, a well-taken photo makes me happy and proud, but we should not interfere in the course of events unscrupulously, just for the sake of a good photo. It happens many times that I simply sit back and contemplate the events around me without pressing the shutter-release button. However, it is a good feeling when I manage to create something aesthetic, which later can be a decorative part of a house or room.
Recently, nature photography has become big business and as we know, business life can be both fair and unfair. However, there are many young, talented photographers all over the country who are going their own way, and not only take excellent photos but are also interested in nature. The work process for a nature photographer should not end by pressing the button and then editing the picture on the computer. Photography should be an elemental part of forming people’s approach towards nature and should make people aware of the importance of nature protection.
For me, nature photography is a way of life. I believe it is easily understood by everyone who has the same favourite pastime. If I make people – especially children – think about the beauty of nature, its vulnerability and about how much we have to take care of it, it was worth taking the photo. That is why I do like when many children visit my exhibitions.
At present, I use different camouflage techniques. For example, I have built a floating hiding place to be able to get closer to birds living in deeper waters. The tamer species – like bee-eaters- I photograph wearing clothing that blends in with the surroundings. It gives much more freedom and better visibility compared to taking photos from a tent. My fanaticism is proven by the fact that I can easily put up with getting up extremely early; sometimes I do not even need an alarm clock, I look forward to every opportunity so much. After getting up at dawn 2-3 times in a row, I always have a sleep-in to avoid exhaustion, and professional clothing helps me against rough weather conditions. I wear water-proof, warm and good quality clothes so it never happens that I have to miss an opportunity because of bad weather.
Most of my photographs are taken near Nagykanizsa. I know this area well, and I can say, I feel home in these surroundings. I enjoy taking photos of birds living on water as much as storks, bee-eaters or even birds of prey. I have plenty of pictures in my mind that I would like to take, there are always dream species and situations but maybe it is better if they are never totally fulfilled...